LYCAN FITNESS EQUIPMENT company was born as an idea in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador, in 2013 and began operating in April 2014 when Rodolfo Farfán noticed that there were no high-quality equipment options for Functional Fitness and CrossFit affiliate gyms across the country where equipment is heavily used. It started as a side business that soon turned into a full-time job when Rodolfo – who by then knew many people in the fitness community in the region – noticed the same situation happening in other Latin American countries where fitness communities were eager to train, build gyms and compete with high-quality equipment at reasonable prices.

In 2016, Rodolfo partnered with his Mexican friend Daniel Monraz to set up the first overseas branch and then replicated it in Colombia (2018)

and Peru (2019), while opening International Distributors throughout Central America, Spain and even in remote areas like Western Australia.  By 2020, Rodolfo and Daniel decided to start operations in the United States, choosing South Florida as their base.  

The company whose core business has been Functional Fitness, Strength Conditioning, and Weightlifting, has grown at the same pace of how fitness has evolved worldwide and has a wide offering of high quality products for the general and specific needs of users, both elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts.  Today it is part of a fitness and wellness community that comprises athletes, gym owners, gym customers, health professionals, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone interested in improving their own and others’ wellbeing. 


Lycan’s mission is to offer high quality fitness equipment and accessories aiming to create a global community that is physically and mentally strong.


To be part of the world fitness communities by offering high quality fitness equipment contributing positively to the physical and mental wellbeing of human beings.


We are a brand that is proud of our Hispanic roots, caring, supportive and fun. We care about our community and seek to empower others by being inclusive and encouraging people to achieve their goals and objectives.

Lycan is a brand for everyone. A brand for families, youth, adults, and all different cultures, races, and economic classes. We are passionate about sports and healthy living.

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