Why Does The Lycan Fitness Elite Rower Deserve Your Attention?

If you’re looking to invest in endurance equipment that will give you a complete body workout, then the Lycan Elite Rower is the best choice. Built as a heavy-duty rower, the Lycan rower is engineered to push you to your limits. Sturdy, Heavy, and Durable, it will last you a lifetime. Prepare for a comprehensive workout every day with this Air Rower.  Here are the various benefits of the Lycan fitness Elite Rower.  Benefits Of The Air Rower According to the American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA), the air rower workouts 75% of your lower body and 35% of your upper body with every single

Why Aren’t You Using The Lycan Elite Skier Yet? The Ultimate Workout Regime

Different from the usual cardio machines you might find at your gym, the Lycan Elite Skier machine gives you a complete body workout while keeping things fun in just a few minutes. Not the usual cardio equipment you hope to find at the gym, this electronic skiing machine emulates the movements of Nordic skiing. Why is it awesome? Well, to begin with, it gives you an entirely different and unique way to strengthen your cardiovascular muscles. It also helps break away from the monotony of working out in a set number of ways. Before we tell you more about the Lycan Elite

How Does The Air Bike Help Construct Power Endurance

The Air Bike helps you get a complete body workout in under 30 minutes. It is the best way to stay in shape if you have an active lifestyle or simply don’t want to hit the gym. The perfect piece of equipment for a home workout, our Elite air bike is excellent for beginners as well as for thorough fitness enthusiasts. Here is how this amazing machine can help you construct power endurance.  Different from other stationary bikes, the Lycan Elite bike incorporates a giant fan instead of the front wheel or a flywheel. The resistance of the bike is determined by
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