Camo Bumper Plates (Pair)


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This beautiful bumper plates come with an attractive camouflage color design for easy identification of its weights, keeping the same color coding rules as the Olympic Weightlifting Plates. With their 450mm diameter steel ring, LYCAN bumper plates have Olympic measurements allowing them to fit on a standard Olympic barbell, powerlifting barbell and any other bar complying with this standard. Give color and fun to your lifts with the LYCAN Campo Bumper Plates!


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1 10 lb In
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2 15 lb In
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3 25 lb In
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4 35 lb In
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5 45 lb In
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Lycan bumper plates are made from virgin raw material for long-term durability and minimal rebound in the fall.

Available in 10/15/25/35/45 Lbs

Di?metro total del disco: 45 cm

Di?metro anillo: 5.06 cm

Warranty: 10 – 15 lbs, 1 year. 25-35-45-55 lbs, 2 years.

These discs must be used on a minimum 2 cm thick rubber floor, the warranty only covers loss of the ring, or fractures of the disc at the time of purchase. It does not cover scratches, loss of color or cracks.

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10 lb, 15 lb, 25 lb, 35 lb, 45 lb

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