Ever since I started fitness training in 2014, I always enjoyed competing in local competitions. I have been competing  as an elite since 2017.  In 2017 I qualified for my first team regionals in Nashville, TN.  Then in 2018 I qualified as a rookie individual regionals athlete, and the following year in 2019 I qualified for my rookie season as a Games athlete.  

My fitness career started when I decided to walk into an affiliate after having been shown many videos of strong women doing incredible things! I was at a point where I had no fitness routine, was overweight, ashamed of my body image, and had no positive feelings towards myself.  I started because I wanted to be part of a strong community. I began Crossfit not to be competitive or become an elite athlete; I began because I wanted to see what my best self was capable of physically and mentally. 

In 2017 I began to commit to pursuing a higher level stage of competition, qualifying for my first team regionals and continuing to grow as an athlete from there.  My biggest accomplishment so far was qualifying for the games as a rookie in 2019 and earning the invite again in 2020. This was the year that I had no intention of qualifying, but just hoping to achieve top 50 in the open.  It was the year that made me realize I have the capacity to make it to the Games. 

I am most proud of having the ability to use this sport, and this journey, to prove to myself, and I hope many others, that you do not have to start great, you do not have to start with experience, and you most definitely don’t have to start with talent to accomplish hard things.

Hard effort, consistency, and a great attitude will allow you to achieve more than you can realize!

My favorite Lycan gear for training  are the barbells and plates because of their high quality craftsmanship, design, and durability compared to others.  The Lycan barbells are our members’ favorite ones to use!  I also love using the Lycan sandbags because of their versatility and various sizes, how easy they are to transport and travel to different locations to train with, and how they have a cinched design to make it more efficient to grab, hold, and carry without worrying about it slipping out of your arms.

Through my training and being alongside the amazing community I have been able to achieve things I could never do on my own.