Training Barbell T-Bar Full Chromed


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Our T-bar is perfect for improving your lifting sessions and increasing the weight little by little, until you reach your goal. As the name suggests, it’s perfect for daily training.

Chrome plated bar with 4 bearings (2 in each sleeve) of 10 shafts each, professional knurling for better grip it has an official grip diameter of 25mm and is made with high quality steel and sleeve technology for better bearing.



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Warranty: 2 years internal bar and 1 year sleeves

The Warranty Does Not Cover Any Bar That Has Been Damaged Due To Negligent Or Faulty Use, Alteration, Poor Maintenance, Improper Storage Or Mishandling By The User. Negligent Or Faulty Use Includes Excessive Dropping Of The Bar (I.E., Dropping The Bar On The Gym Floor, On A Bench, On A Rack, Excessive Dropping With An Insufficient Amount Of Rubber Discs Or “Bumpers” (No Discs), Or Excessive Dropping With Iron/Metal Discs And Similar Uses).

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