What’s so great about the Pro Runner?

Taking the world by storm, the curved treadmill has become the newest favorite of sports teams, high-end fitness studios, and rehabilitation centers everywhere. What is so special about it?

The Pro Runner has been a gym favorite for quite some time now. It is one of the mandatory cardio equipment in every gym. As the name suggests, it has a curved surface on which you are supposed to run or walk. How does this minor change revolutionize its design and make it such a crowd favorite? Let’s find out.

What Is A Curved Treadmill?

The curved treadmill takes things back to real running by cutting out the electricity and the various drills that a normal treadmill has to offer. In fact, the only way to work this equipment is with your feet. It is designed to simulate actual running. So you basically propel the conveyor belt of the treadmill with the balls of your feet that push your body forward. 

To be very blunt about it, the curved treadmill is a concave-shaped or curved running machine that is powered solely by your legs. The curved treadmill also improves your running posture owing to the fact that you’re running on the balls of your feet. 

What Is so Special About Curved Treadmills?

what is so special about curved treadmills

Nothing soars to popularity without yielding extraordinary results. Here is all you can expect from curved treadmills.

Faster Weight Loss

After comprehensive research and testing, it is observed that non-motorized treadmills are more effective than motorized treadmills. Also, curved treadmills allow you to lose 30% more calories than normal treadmills. These are perfect for HIIT, they increase your heart rate, increase your oxygen intake and allow you to lose your targeted calories. 

A More Intense Workout

Different from a traditional treadmill, you have to propel yourself forward using the balls of your feet on a curved treadmill. This gives you more control and also works out your entire legs right from the get-go. There is no switch that enables you to step things up in this scenario. The only way you can make things intense is by actually pushing yourself.

Safer Than Straight Treadmills 

When we say safer, what we mean is that curved treadmills prevent joint injuries. The rubber surface works as a shock absorber and protects your joints. This is something that straight treadmills lack. You don’t have to compromise your knees for your running any longer. Also you develop better running form and posture on a curved treadmill. 

How To Get Started On The Lycan Fitness Pro Runner Curved Treadmill

Built for the ultimate workout, the ProRunner curve treadmill is ideal for high-intensity workouts. Having 6 levels of resistance, you can push yourself as hard as you want to. Coming with a 430 x1750 mm running surface and side handlebars, you’ll always find the right support. Initial users tend to find themselves to be a little off-balance, owing to the fact that they have to constantly maintain good posture, which they are not used to. With time, not only does the ProRunner treadmill help you keep fit but also helps you maintain correct posture. 
Easy to maintain and store, this curve treadmill is ideal for both home gyms and commercial gyms. Get ready to shed those pounds and settle into a healthy and fit regime only with the ProRunner Curve Treadmill by Lycan Fitness. Visit our website today for more information.