Why Are Those Final Five Pounds Most Difficult to Shed?

You are at the end of your diet plan. Everything has turned out great until now. You cannot seem to lose those last five pounds. You have been at it for more than two weeks but the weighing machine has just stopped ticking. You’re confused and losing out on your confidence, unable to understand why this is happening. Don’t worry! We are here to help you. 

First of all, you are stuck in a very real problem. This is a very common problem that is faced by almost everyone who has embarked on a journey to lose weight through any kind of diet plan. The reason behind the stagnancy is scientific and logical. You do not have to begin to panic, we are going to give you pointers to how you can shed those final five pounds and enjoy your cheat meal in all your glory. 

Why Has Your Diet Plan Stopped Working?

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No. Your diet plan has not stopped working. In fact, it is at the point where it has reached completion. Let us explain. You had created a calorie deficit for your body owing to which your body began to lose weight. The amount of calories required to make a heavy body function is not the same as making a light body function. If your calorie intake is the same as your calories burnt, you are less likely to see changes at this stage. 

It might also be that your diet plan is not as strict as it used to be. We are advising no one to go on a purge or a crash plan. However, monitoring your daily calorie intake is part of maintaining an effective diet plan. 

Your body’s metabolism could have also dropped. Do not get alarmed by it. This is your body’s natural response to lesser calories coming in.  Your body drops your metabolic rate by about 10% and conserves the fat that you have as a backup for energy. This might also be a reason why your weight loss regime has hit a standstill. 

Do You Really Need To Lose The Last Five?

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If you are trying everything and your body just won’t allow you to lose the last five pounds, it is about time you consider whether you should remain adamant about losing it. Ask yourself the following questions. 

  • How did you reach the number in your head? Is it through informed calculations and consultations with experts or just an arbitrary number that sounds good in your head?
  • How do you know this is a good weight for you? If your body is standing in the way of it, chances are that you have reached the best number.
  • The lowest weight you hit might be difficult to maintain.

How to Step Up Your Game and Lose the Last Five Pounds?

Before doing anything else, you should acknowledge the journey you have undertaken and where you have reached. Your commitment to lose weight even after all the effort you have put in shows your dedication. It is important for you to remember that the journey to losing those last five pounds will require patience and a bit more struggle. 

Cut Down On Cheat Days

Weekends are generally treated as cheat days, where you slip in a few more carbs and sugars. You have to cut this down and stick to your meal plans. 

Try Eating More Homemade Meals

The food cooked at home is more in your control. So try to eat home cooked meals and avoid meals from restaurants. 

Plan On A Small Dinner

Make lunch your main meal and cut down the size of your meals post sundown. It makes a big difference. 

Protein Shakes

Try to substitute two meals with protein shakes. This way you will be monitoring the exact number of calories you are taking in. 

Step Your Workout Regime

You need to be getting a complete body workout and stepping up your workout regime without overexerting yourself. 

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