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The Elite Ergo Bike LYCAN is the newest member of our family of endurance machines. The Elite Ergo Bike LYCAN has the same fan and Performance Monitor as our rowing and skiing machines, bringing the same strength and features to cycling that we previously brought to rowing and cross-country skiing.

Whatever type of indoor cycling training you’re looking for, whether you want to get in shape or get that extra edge for your next race, the Elite Ergo Bike LYCAN is the perfect machine for you.

The fan uses air resistance to create a smooth, quiet pedal stroke that responds to your effort. The fan lever is your “gear shifter,” allowing you to adjust the feel of your pedaling. Unlike most exercise bikes, the Elite Ergo Bike LYCAN has a clutch, so like a real bike, when you stop pedaling the fan continues to spin.

The sophisticated Performance Monitor gives you instant feedback on your performance, with a variety of displays and workouts to choose from. The Performance Monitor is calibrated so you can directly compare your times and distances with others, and measure your progress.

Both the saddle and handlebar positions are easily adjustable. You can determine the saddle height with our safe and easy-to-use tool-free clamping system. The vertical position and angle can be adjusted to suit your personal needs. The handlebars move up and down, forward and backward, and with three different hand positionings, you will easily find the best determination for you.

Warranty: 3 years to the frame and 1 year for everyting else.
The warranty covers manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover product misuse, external shocks, misassembly, power surges, stains, cuts or rust, or problems due to lack of maintenance.

Weight 115 lbs
Dimensions 51 × 26 × 14 in

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