Push And Pull Sled


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The sled push or pull is a great activity for general fitness, strength growth, enhancing speed and acceleration, and burning calories.

You will see how your body produces better results, whether you incorporate it into your program as a full-body circuit or as a finishing move for a leg exercise.

Is a full-body workout that builds strength, power, and speed while enhancing performance and burning calories.

Our Sled is capable of being used on practically any surface for push, pull, and speed training. Provides a wide range of functional exercises designed to work the hamstrings, quads, anterior and posterior chains, and more!

For pushing and pulling exercises, the vertical hand poles provide a variety of postures. It will meet your demands whether your goal is to outperform your opponents in the sport or simply to have the healthiest physique possible.

It is strong enough to handle demanding work in a commercial setting, while being small enough to fit in a home or garage.

Warranty: 1 Year

Weight 90 lbs
Dimensions 41 × 27 × 7 in

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