Why Does The Lycan Fitness Elite Rower Deserve Your Attention?

If you’re looking to invest in endurance equipment that will give you a complete body workout, then the Lycan Elite Rower is the best choice.

Built as a heavy-duty rower, the Lycan rower is engineered to push you to your limits. Sturdy, Heavy, and Durable, it will last you a lifetime. Prepare for a comprehensive workout every day with this Air Rower. 

Here are the various benefits of the Lycan fitness Elite Rower. 

Benefits Of The Air Rower

According to the American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA), the air rower workouts 75% of your lower body and 35% of your upper body with every single stroke. 

Complete Body Workout

Here are the major muscle groups the Elite rower targets to give you a complete workout. 

  • Quadriceps
  • Calves
  • Glutes
  • Upper Back
  • Pecs
  • Arms
  • Abdominal Muscles
  • Obliques

Did you know that air rowers use up to 86 percent of your muscles? It is the perfect equipment to have around when you want a complete body workout in a limited period of time. 

Suitable for All Fitness Types

In the real world, rowing is an activity that requires you to know additional skills like swimming. It is also something that is not meant for everyone. The Elite Rower cuts out the hassle and brings you a piece of user-friendly equipment for all fitness types.

In fact, a 2015 study about rowers confirmed that 24 people with low vision experienced a decrease in fat mass and total body fat percentage while using them about 5 times a week for a period of 6 weeks. Besides that, they also experienced a lowering of their cholesterol levels and an increase in back strength. 

Low Impact Workout

Burn those calories without putting any kind of added stress on your joints. Being a piece of low-impact equipment, the rower is often recommended for people with early stages of osteoarthritis. 

Amazing for Your Heart and Lungs

Rowing is known to strengthen your cardiovascular muscles. It is perfect for cardio training. It is responsible for making your heart pump more blood while using it. This increases the strength of your heart and is beneficial for those who might be at heart risk. 

Everything You Need To Know About The Lycan Elite Rower

The Lycan Rower is built for the ultimate body workout. It is easy to maintain, store, and it works like a dream. We deliberately built a heavy-duty rower so it can take the abuse of high-intensity workouts. 

User-friendly, it is perfect for beginners as well as trained professionals. It can withstand weight up to 150kgs, that is 330 pounds, so you can max it out every time you workout. Our rower is equipped with a sturdy device holder for your smartphone along with a robust console that is Bluetooth enabled and compatible with apps like Kinomap, Zwift, and other open apps. It comes with a 1-year warranty on all parts and a 5-year warranty on the frame. 

The Lycan Fitness Elite Rower is the ultimate machine to give you a complete body workout. Visit our website today to find out more about the Lycan Rower.