How Does The Air Bike Help Construct Power Endurance

The Air Bike helps you get a complete body workout in under 30 minutes. It is the best way to stay in shape if you have an active lifestyle or simply don’t want to hit the gym.

The perfect piece of equipment for a home workout, our Elite air bike is excellent for beginners as well as for thorough fitness enthusiasts. Here is how this amazing machine can help you construct power endurance. 

Different from other stationary bikes, the Lycan Elite bike incorporates a giant fan instead of the front wheel or a flywheel. The resistance of the bike is determined by the movement of this fan. With increased speed comes increased resistance. This offers you a very linear workout. 

What is Power Endurance Training?

Lycan Air Bike

Power endurance training is your body’s ability to generate movements of power over short periods primarily through repeated movements. It is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic training that ranges from mid to high intensity. This kind of training ensures optimal physical performance and improves the efficiency of energy production in the body. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using Our Lycan Elite Bike?

Helps Improve Cardio Health

A 2016 study ensured that people who regularly cycled were 15 percent less likely to suffer heart attacks than those who did not partake in the activity. As little as 30 minutes of cycling per week could keep heart disease at bay. 

Helps Stimulate Weight Loss

The unique shape and design of the Lycan Elite Bike help stimulate weight loss faster. A good and proper cardio workout is the best way to get on a weight loss regime. The amount of weight loss is dependent on the kind of training that you are doing on the air bike. Along with a strict workout regime, it is important to watch what you eat and also drink lots of water.

Strengthen Your Lower Body Muscles

The resistance on the Lycan Elite bike allows you to strengthen and tone your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, glutes, and back.  It is the only machine you will need for your lower body. 

The handlebars help you work your shoulders, triceps, and biceps at the same time. Regular use will ensure noticeable improvements and better mobility. The Elite bike guarantees the benefits of cycling without having to leave the comfort of your home. 

It’s Much Safer Than Regular Cycling

The joys of cycling on the open road are unbeatable. However, the hazards and dangers of cycling on the streets. Uneven roads, poor visibility, and irresponsible drivers are just a few of the many dangers you need to watch out for. 

Also, the weather will not always be in your favor. Our Elite bike brings you the joys of riding your bike along with giving you a rigorous workout. We recommend placing your bike in a portion of the house from where you can see the outdoors or which is exposed to fresh air, like a terrace or a balcony. 

It’s A Stress Buster

Our Elite bike is perfect for stimulating your mind and body. Even if the initial days are a bit stressful, once you get used to the air bike regime, it will have a therapeutic effect on you and have a positive effect on your mental health. This is due to the stimulation of endorphins in your brain. Our bike is the best fitness workout equipment to keep at home for those who find working out at the gym extremely stressful. 

The Ultimate Workout Bike

Our Air bike is the best piece of exercise equipment you can own for the ultimate body workout. Your workout regime will not be interrupted by injuries as the Elite bike offers a low impact workout. A low impact workout reduces the risk of joint injuries and keeps you going. Visit our website today to find out more about our Elite Air Bike