Barbell Benefits: It’s Time To Hit The Weights

Just a few years ago, one of the most underrated pieces of equipment at the gym were barbells. Well, guess what? Barbells are becoming more and more popular since they can offer a great variety of effective workouts within a limited time frame. Still, most people do not know how to use this simple metal bar. And yes, incapability and poor form can result in injuries. When working out with barbells, it is important to always know what you are doing or have your trainer around. We are going to offer you a whole new perspective on workouts by telling you what you can achieve using these metal bars. 

What is a Barbell?


Barbells are nothing more than a long metal bar on which you can stack weights. They have a weight of their own, which cannot be adjusted. For example, the Pro Barbell (P-Bar) by Lycan Fitness offers two varieties, one weighing 15 kg with a load capacity of 1500 Lbs and the other weighing 20 kg with a load capacity of 2000 Lbs.  Let’s find more about barbells. 

Types of Barbells

Different types of barbells are meant for different kinds and levels of workouts. Here is a brief breakdown of them. 

Olympic Barbell 

This particular bar is used to perform Olympic lifts (e.g., the snatch and the clean and jerk) but can also be used for other lifts such as bench pressing, deadlift, overhead lifting, and squatting. This is the barbell used in Olympic weightlifting competitions and consists of two straight, smooth, solid steel bars. The men’s barbell is about 2.2 meters long (7′ 2¼”). The women’s bars are 6.6 feet and weigh 15 kilograms or 33 pounds.

LYCAN FITNESS have a nice variety of Olympic barbells such as the Pro Barbell (P-bar), the Elite Barbell (E-bar), the Ultra Barbell (U-bar) and they can come in different finishes such as hard chromed, black zinc and cerakote barbell in different colors. 

EZ Curl Bar

Shorter than Olympic Barbells, EZ Curl Bar are used for bicep curls, tricep extensions, and other upper body workouts.

Smith Machine 

The Smith machine contains a light bar within it that can slide up and down on a particular axis. It is used to work out the leg muscles, glutes, etc

Cardio Bar / Technique Bars 

Technique bars are light 5 to 20-pound bars that are used in interval training and endurance training. They either have a fixed weight or can be adjusted. They are often used by beginners and to train technique in more complex lifts.

Power Lifting bar 

Powerlifting bars come with higher tensile strength to be able to withstand heavier loads. They have a heavily knurled hand grip to allow the user to keep the hands in place during heavy lifts, as well as a knurled center to also give the neck with enough grip when squatting heavy.

Log barbell 

The log barbell resembles a log. It has a cylinder in the middle with two holes carved out for the hands. Weights are added in the sleeves. It is a classic piece of equipment in strongman competitions, and it has become popular in CrossFit.  

Hexagonal Trap bar 

As its name suggests, this is a hexagonal-shaped bar used to perform deadlifts, good mornings, and squats. They help the user to save space due to its dimensions and shape.

Barbell Benefits

A barbell workout allows you to focus on multiple muscle groups at the same time. For instance, deadlifts work out your back, hamstrings, quadriceps, shoulders, and arms all at once. 

Doing Bar exercises that use multiple joints allows you to execute a complete body workout by only adding a few other accessory exercises to it.

Barbell exercises train your body to use all your muscles together to move or lift an object. Neuromuscular development allows strength build-up. This enhances an athlete’s performance.

Barbells are the perfect piece of equipment to get started with. Most of them are affordable and effective. 

They are versatile, they are for strength training and cardio. As mentioned earlier, lightweight cardio bars are ideal for building muscular endurance. Jumping with cardio bars instantly transforms them into cardio equipment. 

The Ultra Barbell (U-Bar) by Lycan Fitness

Offering a Lifetime Warranty, the Lycan Fitness Ultra Barbell or U-Bar offers a tensile strength of 200,000 psi that grants it a great deal of Yield strength and 10 total bearings that protect your wrists during your heaviest lifts. Having a load capacity of 2000 Lbs and 1500 Lbs for the 15 kg version, the U Bar assures no bending while increasing weights in every lift. Its chromed finish not only offers an elegant look but also protects the U-Bar from rust. Made from high-grade spring steel with a tensile strength of 240 KPSI, the U-Bar is built to push your limits. With its elegant design, load-bearing capacity, and 6 NK Needle Roller Bearings, this Ultra Barbell by Lycan Fitness, is the best choice for elite and competitive athletes. Visit our website today for more information.